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    I have been syncing my 90 with my PB 800mhz just fine. I do have a Sony NR70 with the Markspace driver, not sure if that is why it works but everything synchs fine!

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    Lawrence, please give details. Are you Hotsyncing with your Powerbook via USB? Are you using Palm Desktop 4.0 on OS X? Are you achieving this without going into the Classic mode at all? Which version of OS X are you running? Which version of the Markspace driver are you using? You may have made a discovery that would allow many of us to use a Treo 90 with OS X.
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    I am using OS 10.1.5 , Palm 4.0 (from, on my PB DVI 800mhz, I have the Markspace drivers for my NR70v installed. Not sure if the Markspace drivers are the reason it works or not but it syncs perfectly.

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    Just to check that you are using USB to sync with OS X and not IR?
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    New Powerbooks do not even have IR ports, so yes I am using USB.
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    Some very good news! Inspired by the experience of Blue73, I purchased a Handspring Treo 90 today.

    I attempted to sync it to my iBook, which runs Palm Desktop 4.0 under OS X 10.1.5. As Handspring stated, it didn't work. It froze the Treo and it had to be reset.

    Then I purchased Missing Sync 3.0 from the Mark/Space web site. I installed it and -- you guessed it -- the Treo 90 worked flawlessly. I HotSynced successfully and installed a bunch of new files. All without difficulty. Missing Sync 3.0 makes the Treo 90 do what Handspring claims it cannot do. That is work with Palm Desktop 4.0 under OS X.

    I suspect the Treo 90 is really a Sony Clie in disguise. Probably made for Handspring by Sony. But it doesn't matter, it works. Now we don't have to wait for Handspring to get its act together.

    Thanks again to Blue73 for this breakthrough.

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