Well I've been lurking here for about two months so I figured it's time to register and add to the discussion.

Over the past few years I've owned the following wireless PDA devices (in order):

Palm VII
PdQ 800 (returned that brick in one week)
Palm V (with Omnisky)
Ipaq (with wireless PCMCIA modem)
RIM Blackberry 957 (with GoAmerica)
Kyocera 6035
Treo 180 (for about 2 days)
Treo 270

In addition I've had everything from a Casio BOSS, to the original Newton message pad. Windows CE clamshells, Pocket PC's and quite a few Palm's including the original Pilot.

A certifiable gadget geek, and this only includes my PDA's!

My main needs these days (the last four years) are occupying my time during a 2 hour bus commute to and from work. I've used laptops but the bulkiness wasn't for me.

Obviously the "personal data management" of PDA's also is something I need. I'm a voracious reader (I have two Avantgo accounts so I can "cheat" on their size limits) and since wireless became available I surf and browse for new reading material, catch up on email, IM with my wife and friends, etc.

Of all the PDA's I've used I liked the RIM for it's size and the keyboard. I have terrible handwriting skills and never got proficient at Graffiti. But the PDA side of the RIM was lacking and the lack of third party apps was a bummer. Also my 38 yr. old eyes are starting to have trouble with gray scale Palm type screens especially on a dimly lit commuter bus.

I always said that when they make a color, wireless, small PDA with a keyboard I would be first in line...

I bought the Treo 180 about a month ago when I finally held one in Best Buy. I was amazed by the size, weight and functionality. But alas the screen was no better than my 6035. While reading up on what the 180 could do I found Mossberg's scoop that the 270 was just a few weeks away. Back went the 180 and on Monday the 27th at 10:30pm I ordered my 270 with the rest of the early adopters and waited an agonizing two weeks and got mine Tuesday with everybody else.


I love it.

I've truly found the ideal device (for now of course). Voicestream coverage is good around where I commute, I've got their 3000 ANYTIME minutes for $59 month. The screen is terrific (not Casio Pocket PC terrific but sure better that a 6035). Great size, weight, battery life, etc. Good phone/data/PDA integration, standard reliable Outlook/Palm (using PocketMirror Pro) synchronization.

Sure there's some things that would be nice to have:

Memory/IO card support
Transflective screen for outdoor use
Sturdier construction (my 6035 felt indestructible)
What else...?

But the bottom line for those that waded through this long rambling post (admitting you have a problem is the first step right?) I'm very happy with my 270 and hope everybody else is too.

Now back to lurking...