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    Hey TreoCentral...

    I just spent the better half of the last 24 hours working on a Visor Stowaway to Treo adapter. It works, is compact and nice, and yes I do have too much time on my hands: It's summer.

    I plan to write a full article with instructions for TreoCentral, and more pictures - but just as a taste I'll show you a pic and tell you what I did.

    I took a Prism button board, and a charger for a Treo, soldered the right wires together, taped everything nicely, and got this cool package. It plugs into the stowaway and Treo. This was NOT for the faint of heart.

    It works prefectly. I love it!

    You do need a stand though, I decided to make a rather large Lego stand for mine.

    This is just a taste, after I get back form New Mexico I'll have written a full article for it.. Ask any question you want...

    The images are here all 640x480 taken by eyemodule2. I'm too lazy right now to resize them. Sorry!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    You are my hero. I need to do this for a stowaway for a IIIx.

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    Closeups! We want closeups!

    Too bad I sold my Stowaway
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    Cmaera! I want a better camera! (and I'm getting one! :-D Old Kodak 1 megapixel.. (heh it's free))

    When I post the article next week after my vacation is over closeups will be available, along with a full howto. The parts for this if bought from gethightech and retail are about $30-$45 ($15 for the button board, and $20? for something that has the Treo connector on it)
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    That said, the Lego stand is the coolest/geekiest thing I have ever witnessed. You are my hero...

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    Goodness! What a monstrosity! I wouldn't get caught dead sing that thing!

    Godo effort though MIradu.
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    I just noticed the background in the pix - that's pretty funny. Gives the whole thing a "secret agent man hiding out in an unfinished house" kinda aura...

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    Does anyone know if Targus is going to save us this much work and create a stowaway for the Treo? The thumb keyboard is great but I doubt I can keep up with a lecture the same way I can with a fullsize keyboard...

    P.S. Great work Miradu, I think only true geeks appreciate the work (and risk taking) that you did there..imagine if you had crossed a wire by accident and fried a perfectly good Treo 90? BTW, if you ever get bored with your new 90, I will gladly take it from you at no extra cost
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    Originally posted by tantousha
    Does anyone know if Targus is going to save us this much work and create a stowaway for the Treo? The thumb keyboard is great but I doubt I can keep up with a lecture the same way I can with a fullsize keyboard...
    I did email them a while back asking about their plans for a treo stowaway and got the following response:

    Hello and thank you for writing. Unfortunately, we have no plans due to limited demand. We are sorry to disappoint you. Kind regards,

    Patricia Gray, Marketing Specialist
    Targus, Inc.

    They may have changed their mind since (that was about 2 months ago), but given the number of treo users out there and the percentage of them that would actually want a keyboard, I can understand their position. I'd probably be willing to plonk some money for a short cable that had a treo connector and a visor connector on the other. It would have to be light and small enough to carry a round with the stowaway (maybe like a shorter hotsynch cable). I could put up with having the treo next to the keyboard, propped up with a pencil or book just to get a decent viewing angle.

    Any cable makers listening? 8-)

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    they sent me this two days ago:

    Thank you for your interest in our Award-Winning Stowaway Portable Keyboard. We have not made any announcements on a solution for the Handspring Treo.
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    I just saw this at Comp USA (I was REALLY bored, normally don't go near the place). It's no Targus, and I haven't seen it work with the Treo, but hey, what the heck it's only $$.

    I was planning on purchasing, I'll let you know if it's worth it.
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    I saw it in Frys the other day. I didn't look too closely because I thought it used Bluetooth. How very cool that it uses IR! I might have to look into this in the future. Not now, though.
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    I done played with the IR keyboard with my 180 at a PUG meeting. It works, but the IR is a little glitchy, and the driver is VERY glitchy. I put up a very brief review here:
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    At PC Expo in New York City last week, the Handspring rep for the East Coast said a Stowaway keyboard for Treo is currently being developed and should be available soon.
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    Michael, the links to your pictures no longer work. Do you still have the
    photos? Did you ever write the "full article with instructions"?

    I'd like to find a good folding keyboard for a Treo 300, and
    your solution 2.5 years ago might be the best one. See

    OTOH, if the "driver problems" with this one
    could be solved, to make it work with pre-5.0 versions of the Palm OS,
    that would be even better. It seems surprising that it doesn't work,
    since the very similar G730 and G770 apparently do work with earlier
    verisons of the Palm OS:

    dave283 at

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