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  • Corsoft Aileron

    2 5.26%
  • Electric Pocket\\\'s Mailer

    0 0%
  • Eudora

    10 26.32%
  • Iambic Mail

    1 2.63%
  • Mark/Space Mail

    2 5.26%
  • mMail/mMail + by HezArts

    1 2.63%
  • MultiMail/MultiMail Pro

    8 21.05%
  • One Touch Mail

    10 26.32%
  • Treo Mail

    3 7.89%
  • Other

    4 10.53%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Curious about what others like well enough to use. Trying demo of Mark/Space Mail w/ my new T270 after reading threads here.

    Looking forward to head-to-head comparison by Septimus.
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    Yo D, where's the 411 on the browsers??

    Er... Ahh... I mean, thanks for doing the upcoming review.

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    does anyone know the max size one touch eamil can download?

    I use Eudora and it can't completely download two emails I get. Either via the conduit or directly.

    Multi-mail had no problem with either of emails.
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    I tried Mark/Space Mail but switched to Aileron.

    Aileron has three distinct advantages:
    (1) It uses the PalmMail database -- a must for me -- because my attorney PIM, Time Matters will sync with that email dB and no other
    (2) You can send and receive MS Word & Excel attachments. The Aileron subscription service translates doc's to/from QuickOffice & WordSmith -- it reads others like Docs-to-Go, but you can compose & send with QOfc. & WordSmith
    (3) You can schedule Aileron to send/receive much the same as TreoMail

    I had an installation glitch and emailed Corsoft. In LESS THAN 5 MINUTES, I got a phone call from a support person who solved the problem!

    Aileron isn't as full featured as other email programs but that's a compromise I'm willing to make because of my big 3 (above).

    PrintBoy also supports printing email messages from Aileron and QOfc/WordSmith docs, which can come in handy when you need something in a pinch.
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    I have an Aileron question - whenever I connect it only fetches 5 emails at a time - since I have no way to know how many new mails are out there, this is problematic. Is there a way to make it fetch all new mails in one shot?

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    Someone with more Aileron experience than me, please correct me if I am wrong ...

    My understanding is that Aileron has a 32K limit on email messages it transmits plus a 60K limit on attachments per connect

    In my research, I didn't see any limit on # of messages.

    Paul, are you using the one-step (whole messages) or two-step process (headers first then select messages)?

    This is all still new to me.
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    Using one-step fetching...

    Primarily with MS Outlook and the forwarding agent, but I see the same symptom when syncing to my IMAP accounts...

    Are these limits per message or per session? Because it could just happen that I'm hitting the 32K limit approximately every 5 messages...

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    Originally posted by jon20910
    Curious about what others like well enough to use. Trying demo of Mark/Space Mail w/ my new T270 after reading threads here.
    I use Eudora but have one complaint ... it's not very usable with the lid closed. I use the wonderful PowerJOG utility (downloadable at to start Eudora and check my messages. But once I get to the list of messages I need to open the lid to get into one of the messages. Then I can close the lid again to scroll through the messages and save or delete each one. Also, Eudora has a habit of letting the Treo go into sleep mode right in the middle of checking mail with the lid closed.

    I'd love to hear if any of the other Mail programs are jogdial or PowerJOG friendly.
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    Just got reply from Corsoft. As you guessed, the 32K limit is per session (email) and 60K limit (attachments) per session.

    If you get partial message, you're supposed to be able to retrieve the remaining part(s) in successive session(s). I haven't had to do this yet so I can't confirm.

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