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    Well after 4 days of use (carefull use at that) I detected a crack on the antenna housing!

    Phone handpsring support here in Europe and they're shipping a new Treo 270 to me now. I send back the "old" unit after I receive the new one.

    That's what I call service!

    The support guy even made sure that it would be a new kit (not a refurbished unit).

    Let's hope this was a simple defect in my unit and that the new one will be a bit sturdier.


    PS. Ordered a USB cradle on thursday, got it today (here in Sweden). Wow!
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    The Treo 270 is a brand new device. So I would be very surprised if they have refurbished ones lying around. Besides, it is hard to tell the new from the refurb.

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