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    I live in Switzerland where there are 5 official languages - great having my Treo because it has excellent support for accented characters. Unfortunately, some but not all of these disappear when I send an SMS. It is not service provider specific because my Nokia works fine with Swisscom's SMS service.

    A call to HS Tech Support raised a few eyebrows as they had never heard of this problem. So they sent me an SMS and hey presto, they too got the same problem.

    They are not sure but they think the SMS software can only handle 7bit characters. Unfortunately, some of the ones I want to use are 8bit. Interesting oversight.....

    Hope HS find a fix because my SMS's just don't look the same.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    A lot of people are facing the same problem!

    apparently, Treo's SMS uses 7bit encoding (128 chars) bearly enough for lower and upper case english and some accented chars.

    I am facing this problem because I use a localization in my treo that replaces the accented letters with my language. So I cant send or recive SMS in my language.

    I tried all SMS applications on PalmGear, and non of them replaces the built in app, (not even to read only ). but I read some were that FunSMS are going to launch a version that support the Treo.

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    Hi guys,

    any update on a new SMS applicatin to replace the built in SMS application with support to 8bit chars?
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    Spoke to HS (again). I was told not to expect a fix for the SMS app and they are working on a new version but we will only see it in the next generation Treo (eh?? What? Every Treo 180, 270 has busted SMS, so this can't be right).

    What bugs me is that this is not a bug. It's just HS dropping the ball.

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