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    I received my 270 a couple of days ago. Very pleased with the unit over all.

    However, I've had occasion to compare the 270's screen with those of a couple of Treo 90's and I was surprised at how much whiter the 90s' screens are, compared to the sort of "blue-tinted" screen of the 270. Don't get me wrong, for a non-TFT screen the 270 is quite pleasing - bright, decent "refresh rate," decent resolution - in fact, I like the 270's non-TFT screen better than the Palm M515's active-matrix screen.

    Now I don't believe that my unit's defective (after all it's only a sort of bluish tint, not a dark blue screen), but from what I've seen of of the Clie's (even the high-end NR70's) to the Palm M130's to now the Treo' 270, what's with this "bluish-ness"? Any thoughts anyone?

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    I don't know what to say, but I also have some things to say about the screen. I'm not sure if I'd call it a bluish tint, or a yellowish tint, or a blue-yellow tint.. but it's not pure white, that's for sure.

    It still looks really nice. I have an issue with the uniformity of the image. I checked with Handspring's support, and they said that the LED that emits the light for the backlit is in the upper-right corner, so it makes sense that there is a bright spot there, but I also have gutters of darkness on the right side and top of the screen. Do you have these as well? Using the right-side of the screen as an example, the "gutter" is non-existent at the top, and gets bigger as you go down. At the bottom of the screen, it takes up about 15% of the width of the screen. Now mind you, it's not BLACK or anything. Just a different tinge of color. I think you'd have to be a loving owner to notice it

    Here is a pic attempting to illustrate:

    You might think it's the angle of the photo, but it's not. There is a matching cone of tinge at the top of the screen that gets bigger as you go left. It seems like the LED shines like a spotlight, and the edges adjacent to that corner lose out on some light or something.

    Those "tinge" areas also display ripples when I push on them with the stylus. The rest of the screen does not do that (visibly, anyway).

    Have you or anyone else noticed this as well?
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    Yes, mine is exactly like that too. It would make a big difference to me in the perceived quality of the screen if the white was alot closer to white. I've also noticed at night the screen appears closer to white, but when there's more light like inside during the day, in an office with florescent lights, or outside on a very cloudy day, the white appears much more like an aqua blue-green.

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