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    I'm sure there is some easy answer to this but I can't figure it out for the life of me. Can the TREO 270 Speaker phone be activated before the call connects? Is hands free dialing possible? The speaker function works great but isn't as useful as it should be if I can't initiate it before the call.
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    WinnerWinnerWinner, we have a Winner!!!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Treos don't do this.
    Treos SHOULD do this.
    But Treos don't do this.
    Now you have joined the legion of other Treo owners who can't believe anyone was, um, so intellectually challenged that they'd design it this way...

    Sorry, but welcome to the club.

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    Sorry, but I think your sarcasm is misplaced. Dissing the designers of the Treo because you can't turn on the speakerphone before a call connects is like dissing da Vinci because one of the Mona Lisa's hairs is out of place.

    There are so many thoughtful, user-friendly design innovations in the Treo that it's light years ahead of any other combo device. On the whole, I think they got this one right.

    Sure, there are plenty of other features they coulda, shoulda thought of. (Yes, like making it easier to turn on the speakerphone -- especially because the regular speaker is so soft -- and plenty of others.)

    But I'm damn happy with the ones they did think of.
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    Can we criticize the lack of a backlit keyboard on the 180, or is that misplaced as well? To me, it's like dissing da Vinci if Mona Lisa had no hair at all.
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    I have been defending HS in many a post for doing a good job and rightly so. There are MANY HS (and Treo) haters here on this board (unfortunately) and some have gone WAY over the top slamming this and that for attention and drama. (no one in this thread by a long shot!)


    I have to go along with Paul on this one, HS missed a pretty big one by not having a Mute at all or a Speakerphone that activates BEFORE connection. Ding ding ding!

    But I'm darn happy with the ones they did think of.
    And... I absolutely go along with this one too!

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

    Romans 4:7
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    Yeah, maybe backlight was a deliberate omission from the 180 because of it's oh, so poor battery life (somewhat remedied with that 'patch' from HS).

    It was a real downer for me but like my one armed friend once said... "you get used to it not being there".
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    Thanks guys for backing me up on that one.

    Anyone who has read my hundred-and-some-odd posts on the topic knows that I love my treo as much as anyone (except for some weirdos who sleep with theirs...)

    But the speakerphone and mute snafus are obvious to anyone who's ever used an advanced cellphone with these features for business use -

    It's just plain perplexing to me that a device that is the work of genius in many ways could just plain be missing all her hair...

    Does that make me a bad person?

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    I see where Paul Penny is coming from. However, you guys need to put things in perspective. Do you guys honestly think that Handspring didn't think about the speakerphone and mute funtion in advanced? Do you think that they left out certain features just to upset their customers and potentially lose some sales? I am sure Handspring has a good reason for leaving these out -- extra cost? more R&D? longer release time? Who knows.
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    For those of us not in posession of our 270's... what is the earliest moment one can activate the speakerphone after initiating a call... while its ringing? After the call has been answered? And... just curious.. would the person on the other line hear you if you switched into 3 way call mode (as if you were intiating a 3way - and were placing the caller on "hold" to do this). Could this maneuver act as a "mute" substitute if instead of completing the 3way call you simply switched back to the caller?
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    You can activate the speakerphone when the person on the other end picks up the sooner.
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    while we are at it speaking of the obvious which most regular GSM phones have, we might as well add that they forgot to allow to SMS to more then one person and the redial function basically doesnt exist. every GSM phone redials automatically when bust or out of range, the treo's don't. Though I love the Treo and find it very efficient, the lack of these basic features is very annoying and now that its nearly out 6 months one would expect a patch by now????
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    According to another thread, a member who has the Beta GPRS patch says it fixes the speakerphone issue and allows for true hands free use. Also provides a mute function. Hope he is right.

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    I was about to mention that also here is the post;

    Originally posted by Eheck
    According to another thread, a member who has the Beta GPRS patch says it fixes the speakerphone issue and allows for true hands free use. Also provides a mute function. Hope he is right.

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