My 700p died
No ammount of patching , glueing or tape jobs could fix it.
The insurrance wanted $100 to replace it and I had just had enough.

I had held off getting a Pre because I hated the slide keyboard
I got a Pixi instead
These are the reasons

1 The picture is about the same size as the Treo. The Treo is just thicker
2 The screen of the Pixi is slightly larger
3 The Pixi looks just like a Treo once you put the CLASSIC app on it
4 All of your Palm apps and Treo files can be moved to the Pixi once the Classic app is installed. You can even use Document to go and the Palm Desktop
5 The Pixi has 8 gig of ram .

I have not tried pdanet yet but plan on doing it this week

I dont understand why Pixi and Pre owners dont invest in the Classic app so they can use previous palm applications. On the other hand Palm should have given this App to existing Treo users for free.

I hope this helps somebody else