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    I am completely torn between these 2 PDA's!! I really like the flip cover on the Treo, and the built-in keyboard, but I'm not too tickled about the Palm OS (being a lifelong PPC user)however the lack of graffiti is a plus. The E310 is thin, but it's tall... I really need some objective advice.
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    I don't know if I am "objective" but I just went back to PalmOS after getting an iPaq 3650 at launch. The form factor on this unit is great, it is so much smaller and lighter then then the iPaq, and the screen is really very good.

    The keyboard, IMHO, is what makes this unit so much more useful than any before, I find it so easy to add entries, even e-mails, then graffti, keyboard, fitaly, transcriber, etc., etc.

    Make no mistake, you lose arcade quality games, mp3, mpg movies, wireless access. But the TREO's PIM funcunality is much better then PPC and much faster. Even at 206 mHz the iPaq could be slow at times, the alarms would show up 30 minutes late for no know reason.

    I've had the TREO for about a week and already sold my iPaq, and haven't been sorry a bit. You have to ask yourself do you want an organizer or a toy, the PPC's are great toys, but only OK organizers (in my opinion).

    Hope this helps.


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