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    I went into my local Staples Store last friday and found the '90 to be in stock. The shift manager wouldn't honor the $50 coupon code because I didn't have a printed coupon. So I left mad and called the Store's General Manager.

    He returned my call the next day and I complained about how the stores should honor the online prices, etc... With a little persuading, he honored it and took another $20 off for my troubles. So I got the '90 for $209... !!

    Be polite but persistent and don't be afraid to ask for the supervisor name, etc...

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    Do you recall the $50 coupon code number if shopping via the Staples website? I get their e-mail notification for sales, but the only code they sent was for $30 off $150+ (code=78655; expires 6/28/02).
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    FYI, the $50 coupon has expired, but the $30 one is still good (until the 13th of this month). I went into my local Staples store last week with just the 5 digit coupon code, and got the cash back!
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    ok...ok...somebody clue me in.
    What coupon are we talking about ?
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    Look for the thread that's titled 'Staples Coupon', or something similar to that. There's a link in the thread which points to the coupons.
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    As it turns out I decided to use a $40 coupon to order a new Visor Pro and belt holster. The Treo is nice, but after looking at one at Best Cry I decided the Pro was perfect for what I needed, and at a terrific price.
    For anyone who might be interested, I've had marvelous luck so far with Staples. You can often use a coupon to save some serious bucks, and they offer free shipping on orders over $50. The orders arrive on or before the date they say they will. Don't count on them having everything you might want in their inventory, but their selection isn't bad.
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    I often read about Staples coupons, and even try out some of the links people post to them. I'm from Canada, and when I look at the Canadian website I can't find anything. Are these coupons valid only in USA? I'm planning on buying my Treo90 soon, and would like to get it here, but currently the exchange rate is actually better in ordering direct from Handspring. If there was a $30ish off coupon valid in Canada, then I could get it here.

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