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    Thanks all for the good posted information! I have a few questions about backup.
    Does anyone know good places to pick up the SanDiskŪ Expansion Card (32MB) with BackupBuddyVFS Software other than the Handspring website ($49.95)?
    Is the BackupBuddyVFS Software something you can download separately?
    What other software do you suggest to use to backup to SanDisk SD Cards for the Treo 90?

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks again!
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    You can buy your own 32mb card and put the Backup Buddy VFS software on it. If you want to do just straight backups like the handspring backup module, the software is free, or you can have a few added features (scheduled backups, etc.) for only $15 I think.

    Otherwise, you can buy the Backup 32mb Card here:
    Handspring ($49.95)
    SanDisk Store ($49.99, backordered)

    My personal suggestion? Get a 32mb SanDisk SD Card (w/out backup program) here for $29: and use the free Backup Buddy VFS program.
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    Um, here is where U should go:

    You'll notice that the 128Mb sandisk is only $69.99, best price/performance IMO.

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    I have been very happy with CardBackup by jkWare, inc. It is available at the Palm software Connection for $8.95. I use it with a dedicated 16mb card (~$20). When you insert the card, it automatically boots and gives you a choice of backup or restore.
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    I just purchased a new 32MN MultiMedia Flash card from for $18 plus shipping. Brand is Mr. Flash, but flash memory is made by Hitachi. Works great in the Treo 90 with the free version of BackupBuddyVFS.
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    Palmgear offers BackupBuddyVFSFree and Filez. both for free. Between the two, you can do almost anything possible with your SD card.

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