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    Okay, so everyone is a new Treo user since it is a new PDA. I guess I am really a new Palm user. I am transitioning from an Everex Freestyle (WinCE) Palm PC. The screen was flaking on me and I found the Treo and jumped at the chance since I had a budget for a new PDA.

    Sorry, that was a long story. I am wondering as a new user if there are some Palm apps that are ESSENTIAL to have. I will be getting my Treo 90 soon and want to pre-load myself so I can get into it right off the bat.

    So why the 90? I dont need that phone thing. That is why. I have a cell phone that I dont use it much so that is why.

    Looking forward to input.

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    Welcome aboard.

    For wordprocessing: WordSmith

    For a backup solution: BackupBuddy

    For those time you need something to read: Avantgo

    It you going to the hack thing: X-Master

    A hack: ClockPop

    A datebook enhancer: Action Names or Datebook . I have both use Action Names. Choose one and prepare to join a religion.
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    For the keeping-you-from-doing-any-work-department or the check-out-what-my-device-can-do department, Bejeweled at

    For a Launcher Replacement, Launcher III at

    To make your device mimic a Pocket PC, Today 1.4 at
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    Originally posted by Felipe

    A datebook enhancer: Action Names or Datebook . I have both use Action Names. Choose one and prepare to join a religion.
    The Treo 90 comes with a version of Datebk+, version 3 I think. The current version is #5 (?). That version 3 was a killer app, so many folks still opt for it, rather than the latest version. It blends the calendar, to do and memo, and the ability to add a "Journal" entry. ActionNames seems to build on all of that, while also blending the calendar, contacts and to do. That is, links to and fro various sections of the 3 mini-programs. Thus, ActionNames includes a one-click link to contact, from any of its screens. If you link, you will then have a running history of everything related to the linked contact, from one "History" screen. THAT is the software feature which makes my Treo absolutely indispensable.

    For the best of both worlds, I purchased ActionNames within 24 hours of use. Also grabbed the add-on 500-icons pack ($5), which makes it super-easy to see what's up from the month view:

    cake = Bday
    3 exclamation points = work-related due date
    paper = something due in to me
    pen on paper = bill due

    A similar icons pack is also available for Datebk+. Both enhancement programs run $25, but worth every penny [this, from a freeware hound!]

    Note: both add to, rather than replace, the core apps, which means true back & forth syncs, without worry that the Treo will overwrite the desktop, or vice versa. BTW, I had previously used Outlook, but opted to switch over to the Palm Desktop-- less fuss and muss, all the way around. [Export Outlook Contacts to csv, then align fields using Palm Desktop, then import into Palm. You may need to do some clean-up initially, but it's, at worst, a one-shot hassle.]

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