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    What would happen if I delete all the non-English versions of the various databases? It seems like a waste to have them all there when I will never, ever use them. Will that cause crashes? Will they get magically re-installed from the ROMs somehow?
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    I dp not think that these files can be deleted. They are part of the ROM files I think. I don't think that they are taking up actual RAM space.
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    Ah. Oh well. Thanks for the info.

    On a tangential note, has anyone had any success with programs that monitor orphaned databases, prefs, and other files that are left behind when applications are removed?
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    Victor 3.5 seems to do a decent job
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    Thanks, I'll check it out.
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    Actually, that wasn't what I was talking about. Victor seems to free up memory, and I'm thinking of something that actually checks to see if there are prefs or databases that belong to apps that no longer are present on the handheld. On my Macs, I have a few utilities like that (File Buddy, Installer Observer) and was hoping for one similar for the Treo.

    I know there's something called "UninstallHack" which might be promising, but it's a bit overwhelming for me. Anyone have a chance to try that?
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    I agree. I wish there was something like CleanSweep out there for the Palm. I have like 127k left out of 8M. I bet half of that is left over junk (the other half I admit is AvantGo )
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    Hmm .. I'm currently using I know of is DB explorer but it takes time to match DBs to their creators.

    To get ard this I use Beamware to do a search based on a DB's creator ID. Then I go back to DB Explorer to delete it. A little more work but safer cos I prevent myself from deleting DBs for apps that are still in my Treo

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