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    The desktop PIM I use (Time Matters -- geard to the legal profession) requires I sync email using the Palm Mail conduit.

    I would like to be able to send/receive email directly to/from my ISP's POP3/SMTP server using my new Treo 270 when I'm out of the office and sync it using Palm Mail when I return.

    Can Eudora or one of the other email programs use the Palm Mail conduit for synchronization, rather than installing its own?

    Any pearls of wisdom will be greatly appreciated!
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    I have tried just about all thbe mail programs out there. I am not aweare of any that sends email directly from the Treo and use the Palm Mail conduit at the same time. I think you will be playing with fire if you do this anyways. Some of your mails would be erased if you sync your mail and download your mail directly from the internet. The sync process for mail is different from the other Address Book etc.

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