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    Read it in Fortune for yourself... (towards the end)
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    Which means when he says it will be out next month, he means July...
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    It's looking like the replacement for my 6035 is going to be the Treo 300. In the forture article he kind of implied that some more enhancements were going to be made for the 300? (i.e. easier access to the "home" screen). And I wonder why it's slightly thicker than the 270?

    Any word on how Sprint PCS will be pricing 3G data usage? Right now I use my 6035 as my modem and Sprint PCS as my ISP. If I can continue to do that on 3G I won't mind too much paying a bit more considering I still save on not having a landline phone and ISP.

    I guess we'll have all of the answers sometime in July
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