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    Anyone else get their orders today? Mines still "preparing", ordered June 2.
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    Woo hoo! My order shows shipped.

    Shipped by 2 Day services from Indiana, due for arrive tomorrow, however it shows in my hometown as of 8:00am this morning, so there may be a chance it will get here today.
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    check that......

    Just went back to the Handspring page and it shipped yesterday and arrived today!!!

    Guess my wife wanted to leave it as a surprise.

    I ordered 5/31.

    My car charger showed up yesterday...still waiting for any sign that my Treo has shipped, still showing as "preparing order
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    I'm still in preparing order status .. arghhh - this waiting is driving me nuts!

    They did however already deliver my cradle and cigarette lighter adapter a couple of days ago --- but they aren't very much fun to play with
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    I got my 270 today, even though Handspring's website still says "Preparing Order"! So, it seems the website is no indication as to where orders stand. Hang in there Treo lovers!

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