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    Got my Treo 270 yesterday. In general, I'd say the build quality and feel are better than the Treo 180. The lid when closed fits better, and the case has a nicer texture. However, when the lid is open it is loose. There's about a millimeter of side-to-side play, and it flops back and forth a few degrees when fully open. My 180 snapped open "securely" with no looseness in either direction. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I'm seeing exactly the same symptoms -- both my 180's were tight [orig and replacement] and the new 270 has definite wiggle on the lid. It doesn't seem too severe and seems well attached anyway so I haven't worried about it. In general, I'd rate the build quility slightly higher - both my 180's has some cosmetic blemishes around the keyboard (pre-worn shift key it seemed like)
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    Handspring may not be a Six Sigma company - I don't have any wiggle on my Treo 270 lid.
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    I have no problems with the lid in my 270.

    ...even after I accidentaly dropped it on the sidewalk!

    It is still solid and tight!
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    ...even after I accidentaly dropped it on the sidewalk!
    Stupid !

    But don't worry, I did the same but the Treo landed on the street beside and I have some heavy scratch marks on the lid now. Fortunately they are hardly visible because the color of the base material is just a bit darker.

    Back to subject. My lid has has some play, less then 1 mm, between the hinges but that could be a manufacturing tolerance. It can't be noticed unless you really look for it. But no problem with the lid open, it feels well as there must be a spring that holds the lid open .
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    Perhaps the lid is deliberately made this way? I have seen a number of posts here about the speaker in the lid on Treo 180 conling out after a few months of use.

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