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    I just had my Treo 270 for a couple of hours. I noticed that the buttons of number 7 (i.e.,B) and G are not as bright as the other buttons when the backlit is on. Did anyone experience that?
    Also, the letters on the number buttons are smaller than the other letters. I understand it is a matter of space, but I don't remember it was like that on the 180 that I returend back to Handspring today .
    Any comments.
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    I think its a production problem like the brighter led in the upper right hand corner.....the cutting edge is a scary place!! My 180 had that on and off echo thing even after the update??(still think its a voicestream problem) over all these seem minor all be it anoying. I still have 29 days 100% return so we will see what happens.

    keep posting defects/handspringeness stuff

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