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    Ah. Now I understand. Thanks.
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    Well this saturday my Treo 270 screen went out. No warning I was using it just 30 minutes earlier and it worked fine and then nothing. I am calling Handspring now to see if I get good service or not. I would expect nothing less than having a replacement by Wednesday at the latest I will let you all know how it turns out.
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    My SECOND Treo's backlight just bit the dust. That's 2 Treo 270s in less than 60 days!!!!!!


    Handspring wanted $25 for the premium advanced replacement. Not what anyone would call a good marketing angle. However, after I explained why I considered the fee oppressive they waived it.

    3 business days to ship a replacement. 5 days trying to remember where all of the screen prompts are so I can limp along using it.
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