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    My 270 shipped last night (6/10/02). I ordered 5/27/02, 7:00 p.m.

    I'm in Los Angeles.
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    Ordered 5/28/02 6:49AM.
    Scheduled to be delivered today (overnight express)

    in New York City!
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    I am in Provo, Utah. Got mine first thing in the morning via Airborne. I am unpacking it as I write this.

    I ordered May 28, also first thing in the morning!!!!!
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    Me too me too!!!!
    <---- Giddy school girl!!!!
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    just received mine it is now being charged cant wait to start using it
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    just got mine too. luckily i was home from work today. it's charging now...
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    Me three...
    It's charging, so I guess that I'll go to lunch.
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    I am in the NYC
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    Maryland Burbs of Washington DC checking in. Mine apparently arrived just before noon today. I guess HS shipped everybody Express, probably tired of the calls, board posts and assorted other tirades. They said 2-3 weeks and made 2 on the button.

    Now the real fun starts. TreoCentral and the other sites ought to be very busy the next couple of days.

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    Haven't got mine yet, but of course I made the mistake of toiling about it and ordering late. Should've just ordered and canceled had I decided against it

    Someone else from Provo, Utah.... didn't think I'd catch another Provo-ite on this board. Have you heard anything about the Voicestream coverage out here?
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    Handspring and Airborne Express websites will be congested due to Handspring Treo 270 sales........since so many of us keep on checking the status of our order.

    Darn, I won't be getting mine till tomorrow at the earliest since I'm way out in Hawaii.

    <>....Relaying denied.
    IP name lookup failed []
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    Coverage is very good since the Olympics! I guess we needed to make our guests from Europe happy!
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    Hey, I am from Spanish Fork, Utah. I also have the 270 in my hands...I love it! Voice Stream is not that great within buildings, but I guess most GSM phones struggle in this arena. I went ahead and purchased the $49.99 plan as I tend to use TreoMail and the Web quite often. If you don't have TreoMail, I highly encourage you to do so. Go ahead and try the trial version on for size. I also like the fact that the 270 has the backlight keyboard, which is more useful than one might think. If you're looking for a leather case that can slide on to your belt, try a nicely made one from
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    To all of you that received your 270, did you order it with or without service? I ordered mine with service at 3am on the 28th, and my status is still stuck at "Pending".
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    I ordered mine about an hour before you with service and I received it today, Hang in there!

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    Nice to see how the lads from the other side of the Atlantic join us and enjoy their 270 finally . Congratulations there!
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    Where are the 270's shipping from and are they all going out via Airborne?

    I wasn't home this morning and there was a Fedex tag on my door. Tracking says it came from Cheektowaga, NY.

    I have no idea what else it could be.
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    If my memory serves me correctly I think they're shipping from Indiana.
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    Mine came from Plainfield IN via Airborne Express.

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    Originally posted by joseorlandi
    Coverage is very good since the Olympics! I guess we needed to make our guests from Europe happy!
    I'm from Springville, UT. I spoke with a guy who sells both VS and Verizon yesterday. I think he said VS had less dropped calls but that Verizon still had better coverage for the traveller. I guess I'll find out.

    I ordered mine 3rd of June so I think I have a few days to wait yet.
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