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    The only thing I find myself missing in the Treo 90 is some way to check my e-mail from the road.... Does the Treo line have a totally new connector, or is it possible to find a modem that will work with it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    At least one company claims to be making cell phone cables for the Treo90.


    I actually placed an order for the Kyocera 2135 cable and then got an email saying they were still in production.

    If you really wanted to hook up a modem, I'd bet that some combination of cables plus the serial sync cable could work.

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    Thanks for the info, I actually have a Kycera 2235 with Internet, so this might work. Did they cancel your order or just but it on backorder?

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    on BO, the mail said--

    The order that was placed on our web site is on backorder. The cable that was ordered is currently in production. The estimated time of arrival is has not been determine as or yet.

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    I used my Kyocera 2135 with a cable I might have bought from these same folks with my Prism a lot.

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    I poked them about my order today and go this--

    The estimated time of arrival for the Treo 90 cables is currently 7/30/2002. They may be available before that date. Please check back in approximately 2 weeks.

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