My wife and both are using Palm OS. We are both using Palm Desktop. However at work my wife is using Outlook 2007. She would like to start hotsyncing to Outlook 2007 at work and at home. So since she wants to go to Outlook I am willing to use outlook also. We both have Outlook profiles. Hers is the standard "Outlook" profile. Mine is "Michael's Outlook" profile. I used the palm startup disk to switch the hotsync to Outlook. Since her profile would be the standard I decided to start with my hotsync profile settings first. This is where the problem happens. I go to my hotsync profile applications and try to change the Outlook profile for the Calendar or Date Book application. When I do this I get an error stating the Outlook profile is set to "Outlook". Occasionally, I will get an popup stating that I have to close Outlook to choose another profile. I have done this which crashes my hotsync program. Yes i have tried the 2007 Outlook hotsync update also. Could some one please help!!!!