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    I found this new update on HS's web page in regards to the 270 shipping status.

    Handspring is now processing orders for our Treo 270 communicator. We are expecting a 2 -3 week leadtime for orders to deliver, beginning from the date you placed your order. Orders placed the week of May 27 are expected to ship the week of June 10th. Orders placed after June 1 will be shipped in the order in which they were received, with up to a two week delivery time. These are our best estimated ship dates at this time. Given that this is a new product, the dates are subject to change. We will update this section if these schedules change.

    Product Name Availability
    Treo 270 In stock—expect delivery in 2-3 weeks (please see note above)
    Treo 180 In stock
    Treo 180g In stock
    Treo 270 & 180 Accessories
    Cases Treo Action Pack Case: Backordered—expected to ship June 13th
    Cables & Chargers In stock
    Styli In stock
    Add ons In stock

    Looks like they are on schedule for delivery next week!!! woo hoo!!

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    My status changed to Shipped! I also can track it through Airborne Express!!!

    <>....Relaying denied.
    IP name lookup failed []
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    airborne tracking shows i should receive mine today. he is usually by my office before 12
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    Originally posted by fkpalm
    airborne tracking shows i should receive mine today. he is usually by my office before 12

    I have to wait until I get home this evening about five.

    Wait a second, I'm not feeling too well. cough cough cough.
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    Hey, as soon as you guys get it please post. I am also expecting mine to arrive today before noon. The anticipation is killing me!!!
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    What do you know, after my last post I called home to see if anything arrived and IT DID! It's true, I am not dreaming. The 270's are here!!!!!

    Now the decision to make, should I leave work early today?
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    Go home early.

    I got mine yesterday (I'm in the UK) and took the day off work to wait at home for it!!
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    Just checked with airborne...mine arrived in Houston this morning and should be at my door in a few hours. Very exciting.

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