Hello. I've been a user of treos for the last 4 years (treo 650) and a user of Palm powered devices for the last 10. (handspring prism, sony clie TG-50). I'm fairly competent in resolving problems and have searched till my eyes are sore to see if anyone else has experienced this problem.

My treo 700P's alarm when waking from standby only plays half of the alarm before turning itself back into standby. It is like the keyguard is preventing the entire alarm sound from playing except I've totally disabled the keyguard and it still does the same thing. On my treo 650, it would continue to play the alarm sound for 1 full minute or more before returning to standby, then the alarm would sound again in 5 minutes if not deactivated.

Has anyone else seen this behavior and if so, is there a way to fix it. I usually keep my phone in a holster on my belt and can't alway hear that alarm if it's only 10 seconds.

thanks for reading this and considering it