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    I am a long time palm user going back to my first palm pilot. I have personally gone through all the various transitions over the years with various pda's and smartphones. I was even there on launch day in boston for the apple newton! I continue to come back to palm because they are simply easy to use and most things can be done one handed which made palm really good.

    like many of you I have been watching palm and wondering if this company is going to survive. the palm pre and palm pixi seemed good on paper but when you use the device it fell short of my expectations.

    I am currently considering moving to a blackberry curve and went into the store to play with this device to find out what all the rave was about. a couple of things I noticed off right way:

    * web pages do not appear to be optimized for the blackberrys. each page requires you to drill down or magnify a couple of times before you can read the text. is that because web pages are better optimized on the treo's? I find on my treo that I can surf the web very easily and when traveling rarely need to access my laptop which is great!

    * when I click on a number in an email or webpage I am unable to insert any special characters like a *67 in front of the numbers like I can with my treo

    some things I wish my treo had or could do

    * standard 3.5mm headphone jack
    * slight smaller & thinner form factor (palm pre keyboard not feasible) like the blackberry curve
    * free push email
    * better camera
    * ability to play youtube videos
    * canned email responses that I can choose from when replying or composing email

    like to hear your opinions. if you have any workarounds would like to hear those as well.

    Palm if your listening please consider revamping the treo line with the palm os...perhaps a hybrid of the palm pre and treo 755p
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    To answer your question, No.

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    Me neither.
    Add this to the list of "unacceptable" features:
    - If the RIM (Research In Motion) server goes out, which it has, you have no service until it gets fixed. Yup, no matter who your "carrier" is, evrything goes through the developer's servers.
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    Do yourself a favor and just get a Palm Pixi and buy the Classic app.
    It will make your Pixi look just like a 755 and run all the Palm apps while using the advantages of the Pixi/Pre
    A far better solution than the BB

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