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    I purchased a Treo from Staples two days ago and do love the form factor, including the keyboard. Unfortunately my stylus no longer stays in the stylus pocket, it falls out.

    This is a bad sign for a 2 day old Treo, and I most likely will return it and try again.

    Anyone else have similar experiences?
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    Someone mentioned in an earlier thread (Slippery stylus?) that their stylus was coming out rather easily.

    My wife and I each have one, have played frequently with them since Monday, and neither appear to be any looser.

    You might want to exchange it.
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    I returned my Treo 90 with the Stylus problem and Staples wouldn't sell me a new one -- they insisted that they could order a new stylus for me from Handspring. I declined and asked for a new unit...they kept insisting on ordering me a stylus. In principle I would have no problem with this -- except I know they would never get it or follow through.

    Thus, I am now without a Treo!

    There is only one Staples within a 2 hour drive of my house.

    That Sony NR70 is starting to look pretty good...
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    Surely there is a website within 2 hours ...

    I'd order it online if that's what you want.

    If you dig around the threads there is one about staples coupons ... you can use a $50 off coupon and have the treo shipped to you over night for 229.99 plus sales tax in your state.

    I did it ... it works.

    Plan on selling it on ebay for a profit and making the cost of my unit even cheaper.

    Ordered from Staples on 6/5 and had it in my hands on 6/6 free shipping.

    Hope this Info is of some service to you.
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    My treo 90 stylus was nice and tight (good) originally but after a few days too loose. Rather that going to Staples and getting my blood pressure up or trying to transfer all my data to a new unit, I'm trying a low tech solution. One revolution of thin scotch tape around upper part of stylus. So far working fine and blood pressure ok too.
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    I had posted earilier in another thread that I was not having the stylus problem. Well, after a week of use the stylus holder is beginning to loosen up and is looking like it may be a problem.
    Other than that Love the Treo 90.
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    Thanks for the low-tech solution, just what I was looking for.

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    Have had my 90 for four days and today the stylus started slipping out when the Treo flipped around in my pocket. With several previous posts describing this, I suspect it will be a fairly widespread problem. Have sent e-mail to Handspring for their suggestion but would expect them to come up with better fitting stylus if it happens to a lot of people.
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    I've had my '90 for two days now... this morning when I got up, the stylus was gone! Luckily it fell out in my car and I didn't lose it. That's annoying. I'm going to call Handspring today to complain. Maybe I can get a free pack of them or something.

    Poor QC or Poor Design. Boo to Handspring.
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    My review unit had the exact same problem. Tight at first, and than it got loose. It got so loose that when I was shopping, and I bent over it slipped out of my pocket, and I never found it again!

    I sympathise with everyone here. I know how it feels, but I lsot mine

    I made a new one out of the tip and body of a Visor Stylus, with a head made of scotch tape. Works just as well!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    It would appear that the slippery stylus deal is a given with T90s. After a week, mine fell out last night. Thereafter, I turned it upside down a few times and, like clockwork, gravity did its thing.

    Thanks to the person who posted a low-tech solution.

    [Still lovin' the device though! I guess my basic philosophy helps me here-- humans are imperfect, so I'm no longer surprised when mechanical imperfections raise their ugly little heads. I'm just grateful it's not an internal programmatic hassle.]

    For anyone trolling the board wondering if this "feature" should preclude a purchase, FWIW, if I knew then what I know now, I'd still grab it.
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    A Heads-Up, re a discovery yesterday (Saturday):

    Officemax carries "Pierre Cardin" pen and pencil sets, with a sticker price of $14.95. At the checkout counter, it drops down to under 10 bucks. Some sets have the Sensa-style grip [squeeze-it rubber-- gold or black pens/pencils]. One has a blue soft grip area, with all else silver. Top of the ballpoint pen = a blue rubber doohickey, perfect for tapping the screen.

    All come with stylus bundled in the set, which you can screw in to substitute for the ballpoint pen.

    If your OfficeMax doesn't carry these, check in at the local Staples. If there's no stylus in the package, hit the pen refill aisle, and look for a Cross screw-in stylus. That works with these gift pen sets also. [But, open it up to be sure. If the pen has a screw-in top, the Cross refill WILL work!]
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    I just called Handspring and they said that they've never heard of this issue. I told them to check out this board.

    They said that I can send it in for a "warranty" repair. They'll send me a replacement unit, I'll swap my info onto it, and then i'll send back my *broken* one....
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    The issue seems pretty common and possibly happens to all the units. So, replacing units will be only a temporary solution. I hope to see Handspring create a new stylus which fits better and replace a stylus rather than whole unit.
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    yup, i agree.... i almost told the csr to forget it because i jerry-rigged a work around. but, *maybe* the new one will work (no worries, i won't hold my breath).

    fyi, my "jerry rig" included taking some "chartpak" tape (this is a thin vinyl tape - almost like that black electrical tape but the width is about 1/8" - you use to be able to buy this stuff at art supply places when manual drafting was used - waaay before the likes of CAD) - anyways, i took some chartpak tape, cut it into 1/2" pieces, got a pair of tweezers and taped them onto the walls of the stylus holster. basically, this made the holster a bit smaller. so now, the stylus slides in nice and smoothly and its snug......
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    Originally posted by mbbc
    . . . i took some chartpak tape, cut it into 1/2" pieces, got a pair of tweezers and taped them onto the walls of the stylus holster......
    Brilliant, mbbc! Now, lemme pull out my local Yellow Pages to hunt down the phone numbers for art supply stores
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    Well, I'm not sure if anyone had tried to open up their treo and have a look inside. What I found out is that Handspring actually sticks a piece of rubber alongside the stylus holder wall. With frequent removal this piece of rubber gets push down and then the stylus loses contact with the wall. There's nothing wrong with the stylus at all. I've taped the piece of rubber back up a little higher and not having a problem ever since (yet.)
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    I'm having the same problem with my Stylus, as far as taking the unit apart, I'm worried I may break something. Wish someone had some pictures of step-by-step fixing this rubber piece <hint hint>
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    Save yourself the time and hassle and get the thing replaced.

    Originally posted by speedlab
    I'm having the same problem with my Stylus, as far as taking the unit apart, I'm worried I may break something. Wish someone had some pictures of step-by-step fixing this rubber piece <hint hint>
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    I would consider that if I knew Handspring has acknowledged this flaw in the unit and can assure me they'd be sending me a revised version. The last thing I need is "downtime" while I'm waiting for a replacement (which may or may not solve the problem).

    Originally posted by yardie
    Save yourself the time and hassle and get the thing replaced.

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