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    Does anyone know when (and if) there will be an in depth review by Treocentral of the Treo 90? also I was wondering if the keyboard is backlit in the 90 like on the 270...
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    I don't think the backlight is there, and I'm sure the review will be here in a matter of days. I know that the Editor at Palminfocenter is being sent a 90, and will have a review within the week. TC should have one very soon also.
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    I will try to write this message as politely as I can.

    We at TreoCentral do not have review units yet, and don't even know when we will get them yet. (maybe late next week?). Handspring has us on the list to get ths units secondary. Large websites and print got thefirst batch, and now we (palminfocenter, pdabuzz, tc/tv) get (I think) them now.

    This is new because before for us Handspring has always tried to get units in our hands ASAP... it really shows where their priorities are now. VC/TC is a set of 10,000 use who are all having fun with handhelds. Why for the Treo they have chosen this path is... you figuire it out. Larger groups, cutting money, enterprise.. *sigh*

    The Treo 90 does not have a backlight.

    I will be writing hte 90 review, and it will be up around June 25th? If I get it early this week I can try to get it done by next friday, otherwise it comes with me on my trip to New Mexico.. James has the Treo 270 - no word on when that will come.
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    Oh how I would love to be able to do reviews...getting your hands on the newest things, running them through their paces, holding the fate of the new product in your hands..what fun!

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