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    Attention Fellow Golf Addicts,

    If in fact the 270 would allow me to see anything on the screen outdoors, I would definitely use it to record my golf scores and other related info. As you know the Prism was completely useless for something like this.

    Any suggestions out there what is a good golf software for this?
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    The last print issue of Handheld Computing had a review of a bunch of golf scoring programs. I'm not a golfer, so no idea about them. You might search their web site to see if it's on line, or if you have to get a paper copy.
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    Golf Utility

    It seems like an "OK" app. Worth A shot.
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    I've used this program on and off over the past year. It really simplifies the entry system and also allows scoring info on who drove the fairway, who took a mulligan, 1st on, Leaderboard, stats, etc..

    It CAN be used without the stylus but I usually use it anyway. One note though: leave the palm pilot at home if you're using the motor cart. Since those things jar around and bounce a lot, the palm can get damaged. Happened to a friend of mine.

    Here's the link: Golf Scoring System - Rich Hocking
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    Has anyone used the StarCaddy software? It's GPS based and works best on Pocket PC but they do have a Palm version. They have 4000 courses for download and the maps do not use that much space on RAM. I'm curious if anyone has used it with a Treo 600
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    I am using Intelligolf. Its quite a full featured program with the ability to track numerous statistics, if you input them correctly. It also have a big database of golf course score card for free download from their site ( If you have GPS ability, the program is GPS enabled. (I don't have GPS so don't know how well that works). Think they are going to have an upgraded version very soon.
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    I agree with evenpar - I've used Intelligolf for years now. With the Treo it's even better because you can download the course you're playing on the fly. I've found it easy to use, and I like the fact that it's easy for me to email the scorecard to the rest of the foursome after the round.
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    Fyi, the latest version of intelligolf for the treo 600 is v. 7.1 and can be downloaded from their site for registered users.
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