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    there is a mistake in the title. It is suppose to be looking for a Treo 680 for a treo 750
    Anyone looking to upgrade to the Treo 750 should hear this. I had a treo 680 and loved it, I droppped and broke it. So I'm looking for another treo 680 sinc I was so happy with the 680 and I had sd cards and stuff for the 680.
    I bought a refurbished Treo 750 that works flawlessly but The 750 is more stuff than I want and I like palm os more. The 750 I have has no wear on it except on the 5way nav and the end and send key, it even has a screen protector on it and it is excellent working condition. All I want is to trade it for a working Treo 680 with only minor surface scratches. The trade would be the 750, battery, back cover, stylus and a 2gb micro card for a 680, battery, back cover and stylus. If you are intrested email me at
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