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    Hey all,

    My first post - please be gentle with me...!

    Anyone out there tried the latest version of Wassup (1.1). I bought it last night from PalmGear ($5 - bargain).

    It works with Treo Mail now!! So I can see on the screen how many emails I have left to read/send, plus all of my appointments, to do's etc. It's really cool!

    Anyway, just thought I'd share,

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    First off - Welcome!

    Second - Sorry to say, but you got ripped off. It was based off of "Today 1.4", which is the exact same thing, but freeware.
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    Umm, except Today 1.4 is buggy and crashes my Treo evertime I use it. The author never replies to my emails.

    Wassup integrates with Treo Mail (which Today doesn't), and looks a hell of a lot nicer.

    I didn't get ripped off - I made an informed decision based on my experiences with both packages.

    I asked the author of Wassup about Today1.4 and he tells me that he'd based Wassup on the PocketPC Today screen, not Today1.4. In my mind they both copied the same thing so are bound to be similar.

    Anyway, I'm happy to support Wassup with $5 because it does what it says and is more functional than any other option.

    Wassup is here:

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    Then I take back my comment. I thought you didn't know about Today. I'm glad you're happy!
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