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    I apologize if this has been discussed, but I just came across this great forum.

    I've had my 180 since they first became available (bought it unlocked from Handspring). I love it except for 2 things:
    1) battery (yes I've installed the patch)
    2) non backlit keyboard

    I don't care about color so much, though I'd take it to get 1) and 2) above.

    I've tried everything with Handspring, and no joy on an upgrade at all.

    So I'm wondering what people think re: pricing. I think I would get a 270 if I could purchase one unlocked for $300. Any guesses as to how long this will take or any other thoughts to get me into a 270?

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    1. Sell your 180 on ebay (I just got $305.00 for mine)
    2. Go online (Visor Central or ebay) and offer to buy an "unused visorphone serial number" (will set you back $25 - $50)
    3. Order Treo 270 from Handspring with Visorphone upgrade...

    $699.00 - $305.00 - $150 (assuming you pay $50 for the serial #) = $244.00.

    The Treo 270 may go down in price, but so will the 180 (faster than the 270 is my guess)....

    Good Luck!
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    I took your excellent advice and made the switch. This also helped: 270 Review

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