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    I was hoping that someone here might know of a good program for Macintosh that will convert text to PDB or even PDF to PDB or DOC formats. There is a person I know who is in a Mac only workspace and needs to have one......

    Any ideas any one?

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    Links listed here are to VersionTracker. I have no affiliation with them other than as a user.

    Early versions of WordSmith came with a free conversion app (PDB to RTF and back). I don't know where to find this at this time.

    Mac Palm Doc is a $10 shareware which converts text to DOC format.
    MakeDoc is a freeware that supposedly does the same thing (tho I haven't used it).

    PrintToPDF is a $20 printer driver for the Mac which, instead of sending data to the printer, outputs it as a PDF file.
    The Adobe PDF Printer Driver Plug-in does the same thing for free (though, I don't know how well as I'm using PTP).

    Hope this helps with your quest.
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    You can print to PDFs with OS X's built-in print preview (save as PDF). You can then use Adobe's free Acrobat Reader for Palm.

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