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    Does anyone know if the 270 is available in Honk Kong? I will be heading there later and would like to get a comparison price.

    The 270 hasn't been released in Australia yet, but the 180 is about AUS$1400 ... I'm dreading the cost of the 270.

    (In Australia)
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    G'day Richo,

    Haven't heard about HK prices yet, but I share your feer of the price of the 270 out here too....
    And then there is the question when it will be available down under at all...

    Are they allready for sale in Singapore?
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    No, the 270 is not available in Singapore yet. Nothing on GrandTech (handspring distributor)'s site either.
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    Nope, itíŽs not available in Hong Kong yet. Although HK was one of the first region HS launched the Treo180, due to the weak sell of Treo 180 here, we might have a longer anticipate time this time around. Smartone is the only carrier have Treo180 and it seems that they are still trying to clear up their stock. I guess the price will be around the same price range as Treo 180.
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    What was the 180 selling for in HK ... no plan. That should give me an idea of the price difference with Australia.

    Although asian built computer gear is a lot cheaper in HK, I'm wondering if the Treo i(being US) may not have the savings of other equipment.
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    The price of Treo180 in HK is around US$535, no plan requested. Or you can pay US$440 if you trade in with your old PDA or GSM phone.
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    Although the Treo pricing in Australia is high, recently the mighty Aussie dollar has been getting much better.

    As a comparison see this yahoo chart

    With any luck the AU$ price should be better.

    Be nice to know when the Treo 270 will be available in AU or HK


    ps Confirmed with a contact at the Australian distributor, Treo 270 is set for July release in Australia
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