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    Does anyone know of a spreadsheet program for the palm that will sync with microsoft works spreadsheet program. Thanks in advance.
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    Try Documents to Go from DataViz to take Word and Excel documents with you on your Palm OS. Note that they have NOT rewritten their conduits for Mac OS X, so you would still need to HotSync in OS 9x (if you are a current Mac user).
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    You might have to play around with how you save the documents in order to get the conversion to work. I know most of the programs are for Excel, not Works Spreadsheet. But it might possible to save the document in Excel format and convert it from there.

    It really depends on how the PalmOS App interfaces with Excel. I know QuickSheet is pretty integrated, so I do not know if that method would work.

    You can download them and give them a try through the Trial Period.
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