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    A USA Today columnist has added his review of the Treo 270. A few highlights:
    • "Having recently reviewed two other wireless handhelds the Nokia 9290 and BlackBerry 5810 reinforces my belief that the Treo 270 is best of breed, at least from the phone perspective."
    • "Dialing out via the "Blazer" browser (an oxymoron if ever there was one) as well as dialing for e-mail (which you have to do every time) was painfully slow."
    • "Probably by summer's end, Handspring will let current users download a free software patch, and of course, you'll have to sign up for GPRS with your network provider. You will likely be billed by usage rather than minutes."
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    A positive review overall. Data connectivity seems to be the Treo's main problem at the moment. Lets hope that GPRS patch is released fast.

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