If anyone is using a Satechi Soundfly BT Ultimate with their Centro and trying to use Softick Audio Gateway to stream your sound through bluetooth A2DP, I found a way to make it connect consistently.
At first, I was having trouble with it not connecting successfully everytime. Sometimes it would connect, sometimes it would time out, and sometimes it would reset the phone. Usually after a reset it would connect.
I figured out that once the Soundfly is powered on, and past all the auto-pair (which works fine for calls) if you hold the green button once, it will display "bt0" like its trying to connect to the bluetooth device. Then hold the green button once more, and it should display "PRPRPR&$quot$; $indicating$ $its$ $in$ $pairing$ $mode$. $Now$, $go$ $into$ $SAG$ $on$ $the$ $phone$ $and$ $select$ $the$ $bluetooth$ $device$ $instead$ $of$ $internal$ $speaker$.
This method seems to work everytime without resetting the phone.