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    Once you new owners have a chance to live with your 270s for a few weeks, please post whether you encounter any problems with people on the other end of the call hearing echos. This 180 owner would appreciate the help.
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    I've used Treo 270 for a couple of days now and several people have told me that they can hear their own voice while speaking (while I'm using Treo "normally" i.e. not using hands-free). Many people that have called me/I have called haven't had any problems with echo, though.

    If I lower the speaker volume, echoing seems to ease off a bit. Also the problem seems to be location related. While home, there is relatively bad problem with echo. While outside or at the office, there isn't problem with echo... Go figure. It still kind of pisses me off. I hate to explain everyone why are they hearing themselves.

    Don't let this comment put you off though. I still think that Treo is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


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