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    Can anyone tell which OS version is being used in the Treo 270?
    Is it already 4?
    Another question: if it's still version 3.X when does HS plan to make os 5 available? Is it worth waiting because version 3.x will become obsolete very quickly.


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    Daan, allereerst welkom op TC

    according to:
    the treo 270 has Palm OS 3.5.2H

    Which will be a Handspring version of Palm OS 3.5.2 (with databk+ etc)
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    Dank je, kennelijk is Daan een erg Nederlandse naam :-). En jij bent een Nederlander ver van huis zie ik.

    My mistake, checked HS website and ....Stupid. But this makes the other remarks more valid (whether this device will become obsolete quickly because of the rather old OS version). One can only assume HS will have an OS 5 version on the market by the end of 2002. What are the advantages of OS 5 opposed to the current OS 3.5H2 regarding mobile capabilities? Is it maybe worthe waiting (depending on those advantages). Are their possible drawbacks/problems because of which the implementation of OS 5 will face delays?

    Thanks in advance
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    Version 4.x is only needed when using SD or MMC cards. Maybe OS 4.x is a bit faster than OS 3.5.
    OS 5 should be available this month, but this OS is written for ARM processors and won't run on the Dragonball's used for PalmOS since the start.

    I think Sony will be the first with an ARM based device running under OS 5. And with OS 5 the current models aren't obsolete. There are still 12.000+ app's on the internet and the hardware you buy today will still do it's job a few years from now

    Greetings, Roel.
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    Alles wat ik kan zeggen is dat ik met 3.5 tevreden ben.

    To many wooden shoes around here ;-)


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