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    There's an article on TripPilot on the front page of TreoCentral. My question is what advantage does TripPilot have over just connecting to Mapquest wirelessly from the Treo? ...anybody?
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    I guess the major advantage of TripPilot is that it can be hooked up to a GPS via the serial port, and it will not only give you speed and direction, but also an ETA based on the directions and your actual speed (i.e. the ETA is continuously updated).

    The directions they use are actually downloaded from the mapblast site, along with a series of maps, and an overview map. Personally, I prefer the mapblast presentation of directions as it seems to be more complete than what I've seen from mapquest.

    The program works well, and once you enter a request for driving directions, GPS Trip Pilot automatically dials out to mapquest on the thinmodem. It then downloads all the data in usually about 30 sec. to a minute. How it would work on the Treo I don't know.

    One word of caution, if you want to get a good idea of how it works based on their demo, make sure that you enter valid addresses. The demo unfortunately only gives you five trial downloads, and in my case I managed to enter invalid addresses 5 times . I had to e-mail GPS Pilot to get my trial cycle reset, which they did within an hour or two.

    Hope that helps!

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