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    I'm interested in buying a Treo either 180 or 270 and I live in Sydney, Australia.

    Currently only the 180 & 180g is available through local distribution.

    Can anybody help me out with what options are available?

    I know the Asian distributors of Treo, Grandtech, have a trade-in offer where they give ~US$100 off for any mobile or PDA traded in for a Treo 180 (no sign of Treo 270 or 90)

    Will Treos bought in US, Europe or Asia work with AU GSM standard?

    The Treo 180 is AU$1395. In HK with trade-in HK$3,580 equivalent to AU$765 about half price

    Alternatively any Aussies travelling to HK soon?

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    Unless you're planning on spending weeks/months in the US any time soon I'd recommend you buy the European/Asian 900/1800 version instead of the US 900/1900 version. Although either will work in Aus.

    Many Euro & Asian GSM carriers use the 1800 bands in CBD areas - if you only have the 900 band available you run the moderate risk of experiencing call dropouts through lack of available channels on the 900 band.

    Your exchange rate calcs are a bit optimistic but it doesn't really matter - the savings from buying it in Asia are huge.

    I bought my 180g last month in Singapore for just on $AUS1000 - no trade in or contract.

    Had it working in Singapore with my Telstra Sim card as soon as the battery was charged!

    Good luck!

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    Asia looks like the best bet but I guess we will be someway behind US/Europe.

    I'm going to shop around for a second hand 180 if I can't get someone up to Asia to take advantage of the trade-in before June 30. I couldn't find any of the Asian Treo resellers with web sites so I can purchase over the web

    If anybody knows when the 270 will be available for Asia-Pacific please let us know.

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