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    I know that PurpleMoo scrren protectors have been mentioned here before....can anyone tell me how clear they are? ALL the protector manufacturers say that their protectors are clear, which does me no good. Right now, I have a WriteRight on my outside window. It does a good job at protecting it, but it really blurs out the screen below. Will a PurpleMoo do a better job?

    On another note, for my real 180G screen, I'm using a pdascreenprotector G2. I'm not sure if they're selling them or not--I asked a while back, gave them the dimensions, and got the ones I'm using as prototypes. They fit perfectly.
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    My personal experience with the treo PurpleMoo (your mileage may vary):

    When first applied, I could certainly "see" the adhesive when looking through the flip (now really "opaque" but I could see random "paterns" of refraction differences).
    After a few days this got better as it "settled in".
    After about a month it's getting a little hazier since it's getting a little beat up from use. But still not too bad. I can definitely see through it OK when the flip is closed, and it tends to stay "cleaner" than the unprotected flip (which shows fingerprints much worse, etc.)

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    So I'm considering the Moo and also Brando although I am not sure where to order the Brando in the US. Also considering NuShield.

    The bottom line is that I DON'T (REALLY DON'T) like the refraction patterns that I was getting from the WriteRights which is why I took them back to CompUSA. It looks like the Moo may also suffer from something similar and having to order from Signapore could take some time. Has anyone experimented with protectors on the 270 and found one that minimizes this refraction (or eliminates) on the screen? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

    P.S. I just discovered the G2 at

    Apparently it is optically clear which seems to be what I am looking for. Not sure how this compares with NuShield which seems to have an "anti-glare" coating that probably produces some unintended side-effects.
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    I had the moos on the 270. Didn't notice any refractions. I did notice too many bubles, probably user error (didn't have a squeegy that fit the treo screen). Also didn't like the risitance the moos gave.

    I move to the brando's. they are stiffer than the moos and are easier to put on (IMHO). I was prepared this time and cut a writewite squeegy to fit the treo screen. The brando is also much slicker.

    BTW, the moos give you six protetors. Brando only one.

    I now use the moo to protect the outer cover ot the treo.

    As far as I know, you can only get the brando's here .
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    I just got the G2 screen protector in the mail from

    Word of advice: ORDER FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    I placed the order in mid-December for screen protectors that the site indicated were specific to the 180g. Paid for them online, and only received an order no. in an email. No tracking no.

    After a month, nothing arrived. About two emails to the company were never answered until about last week. No phone no. on the website.

    The company rep stated they didn't have a tracking no. because they didn't send by trackable post. Wanted me to send my FedEx Acct. No. to them to ship something again on my tab that I already paid shipping for just for it to be trackable.

    The protectors finally came today, in a simple business envelope without my last name on the address.

    What I thought would be the size of the 180g screen were about half the size.... a generic dimension, it seems. Almost the size of a smartcard.

    I would send them back, but it would be a fiasco.
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    No problems with mine when I ordered them. Great protector which I haven't touched since I initially put it on there. That reminds me, maybe I should clean it or something. Has saved my screen a few times from bumps and scrapes. Had it on at least 6 months. The experience the previous user had was nothing like my own. Got it in about 5 days with no problems.
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    Did you get yours for a Treo 180? Did the size you purchased fit your screen correctly?
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    I bought mine for a 270 so maybe they got confused on yours. I seem to recall that they do have one specific for the 180g. Mine seemed to fit fine. Once it settled it even stopped moving around (or maybe I just stopped noticing it). If it doesn't cover the entire screen you should give them a ring. I read a few stories that indicated that they just said keep the old ones when they sent the wrong ones, etc so I am surprised by how they treated you.
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    I also ordered G2 screen protectors. They were sent in a plain envelope with no hard backing to prevent bending.

    Unfortunately the envelope was partially mangled by the post office, but fortunately the screen protectors were in the undamaged part.

    The lack of protection for shipping alone is reason enough not to order from them.

    (I also tried the Nu-Shield screen protectors and I like them better than the G2s)
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    I read through the instructions, and 75% of the text is explaining how much you need to avoid dust. It even goes so far as to recommend installing these in the bathroom!

    I mean, come on.

    Any time that Fellowes comes out with a Write-Right that fits the 180g, I'm there. Nice and easy to apply and take off.
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    I use the G2 on the screen, and PurpleMoo on the flip lid.

    I've used the G2 on both the 180g and the 270. No problems with ordering and delivery, and they arrived in good shape.

    The only problem I noticed with the 270 is that it puts pressure on the top edge of the screen which causes the menu to activate when the lid is closed. Loosening the two top screws didn't seem to work, so I slid the G2 down so it just touches the top edge, and does not slide under it.

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