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    Had a few moments to ask the Staples people at their store at Park Avenue and 56th Street in Manhattan to open the box and let me play around with a Treo 90. Didn't get much of a chance to put the unit through its paces, but what I feared would be its biggest disappointment; namely its STN screen, wasn't a disappointment at all. The screen (and I wasn't even sure that I had the backlight on - I didn't think to test for that while I had the unit in hand) was very sharp, decently bright and with decent color saturation. Can't compare to the recent Clie's for resolution and color depth - but not too shabby.

    Exceptionally lightweight and "handle-able." I'll try to play around more at lunchtime.

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    Charlie, thanks, please post more when you have more time with the unit. Please put it side by side with the M130 and give your impressions if possible.
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    Got it at the Raleigh Staples too. Think I'm gonna go get one on my way East tonight...
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    Had a chance to play around some more with the Treo 90 at Staples in NYC - in fact, compared units at two different Staples stores located near one another in midtown Manhattan. Screen is very satisfactory - although I was disappointed to note that one unit had a much brighter patch in its upper right-hand corner than did the other unit that I sampled. This suggests to me the almost inevitable unevenness in production quality.

    When compared to the M130 the Treo 90 does rather well - both have that "bluish" whiteness to their home screen background coloring and the Treo does have more evident black gridlines than does the M130 (they're almost imperceptible on the M130) - however the Treo seems a bit less "bluish" and somewhat brighter. There's a brightness control and a contrast control. In any event, I'm happy to say that the Treo far, far surpasses the dim and ugly M505 passive matrix screen. As you can gather, I'm a bit fixated on screen quality and find the Treo 90 screen a good one - the fact that it's not TFT probably means that it conserves battery power more than an active matrix screen would.

    One drawback - the guys at Staples accompanied me outside into today's beautiful sunny New York City and, unless the unit is held so that the sunlight shines directly onto what I understand is the backlit, transflective screen - again, unless that's the case, the screen washes out very badly with an almost detail-erasing greenish cast affecting "discernability" (is there such a word?).

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