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    I'm thinking about purchasing a treo270.

    Does anybody know if the Treo 270:

    A) Natively supports voice recording/voice notes.
    B) 3rd party software to support voice recording/voice notes.
    C) Theoretically could support it if someone wrote the software.

    When I say voice recording/voice notes I mean the ability to quickly record notes and play them back later.


    Anthony Richardson
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    The answer to all your questions is no. The Treo does not have any voice recording capability whatsoever.
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    Thanks for the confirmation.
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    it has a microphone and speaker and onboard memory. why couldnt someone write software that stored short memos? my cheap *** sprint phone from 2 years ago does this...
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    Yes, my 2 year old Motorola has this feature and I use it all the time. I will really miss it if the Treo can't do it.

    One reason it may not be able to do it is if the "phone" part is isolated from the "pda" part of the phone. This is certianly the case with some pda+phone combos. This seperation is to ensure a probelm in the PDA part doesn't hose that important phone call you are currently on.
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    I think Richo is right on, unfortunately.

    The PDA part and Phone part are separate, and can only communicate small things to each other. Like "dial this", "call coming in", "hang up." I don't think there is any kind of hookup between the PDA software/engine and the microphone. I wish there was, because the hacker side of me would see what kind of voice recognition I could squeeze out of 33mhz

    The Samsung i300 could do voice memos, but as far as I could tell it was the PDA part instructing the phone part to record/play- no real sound data processing was happening between them.

    It is unfortunate that they didn't decide to build voice functionality into the Treo...
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    i hear ya'll, but if the Samsung's phone part could record once the pda part told it to or whatever, this could be possible with the treo perhaps?

    well in my samsung, the phone part is telling the phone part to record. hell, it can record the other person's voice talking to me. there is software driving the phone even if its in its own little part away from the pda, so couldnt it be patched conceivably?

    wish we could get some handspring tech to ring in on this. I will REALLY miss the voice memo feature, as i use it for directions ALL the time, as its quicker than jotting the info down, even with the thumbpad. seems like a massive oversight....

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