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    One quick question about MaTreo... how does the "automatic-backlight-on-feature-thingy" work. I set it from 22 to 6 (assumed it used 24 hour time) and it comes on in the morning and not at night? What am I doint wrong?
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    backlight function should work as you expect:

    for example, enter 21 and 7: from 21 to 7 (night), matreo will open the backlight whenever you open your lid (if you attach matreo to the open-lid event).

    so, maybe you found a bug, as MaTreo is a new app. :-) unfortunately, now I got my Treo broken and I'm waiting for it to be repaired.

    write me at with detailed infos about your problem, specify your Treo int'l settings.
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