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    Also ordered my 270 the same day Handspring made it public and used my visorphone to get the discount. While waiting eagerly for it to arrive, I've been contemplating on what I would use my Prism for cuz I don't intend to sell it at all. After all, the 16,000 colors are more desirable than the 270's 4,000.

    I thought maybe I would use it for keeping digital pictures and games and other miscellaneous apps. My question is, can I maintain both Treo and Prism to hotsync with my PC with their own Hotsync cradles?

    Thanks for your help.:confused
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    You should be abel to hotsync both your Prism and 270 to the same machine without any problems. HOWEVER, it is a good idea to creata a separate user name for the Treo. You do not want system files and other "junk" being transferred from Prism to Treo 270.. This could cost a lot of problems. If you want to transfer your data, then all you would need to do is import the data from your Prism user name to your Treo user name.

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