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    I really ened some accesories, but I am aftraid to buy b/c I know I will be upgrading soon. I don't want to unload old accesories on ebay if i don't have to.

    Specificaly, will the following 180 accesories work on the tro

    - 3rd party or HS Car Lighter Adapter
    - 3rd Party or HSCradle
    - HS Holster


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    All peripherals should work with the Treo 180 and 270. Both devices have the same size and same connector at the bottom. Even 180 c ases should fit the 270.
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    The charging units for the 90, 180, 180g and 270 are cross compatible. I have verified this with Handspring.
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    I queried NuShield about whether their screen protectors for the Treo 180 would also work on the 270, and they wrote back:

    "Absolutely! Unlike the patterned WriteRights which can cause moire
    images on a color screen, NuShield screen protectors do not have a
    regularly patterned surface that can cause interference fringes.
    NuShield's random gloss matte finish does not cause this problem."

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