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    I have been listening to music on my Centro at night when going to sleep. Recently, when getting up in the morning and unplugging the headphones I noted that no sounds would come from the phone speakers, be it alarms or phone calls. I checked TreoCental and found the following post which worked and my Centro is back to normal. Must be a software switching thing.

    I love this forum.


    1) Plug in a headset into the jack
    2) Open up a media player (either the MP3 player or Pandora)
    3) Begin to let the music play.
    4) Stop the music from playing after a few seconds
    5) Completely exit out of the media application.
    6) With the headset still plugged in, wait about 15-30 seconds. (this is so that the media/pandora app task can "fully" stop from running)
    7) Unplug the headset.
    8) Try to make a call. The phone should now be able to emit sound from the earpiece.
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    I had a similar problem. On my Centro it turned out to be due to dust / lint in the headphone jack. I blew it out with an air duster and everything started working fine again.
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    The headphone jack is notoriously bad, and of the same design since at least the Treo 650. A known problem that happens to some Centros/650s/700s, with fixes like "dip the plug into WD-40, then insert into the jack and quickly remove, in order to unjam the micro switch." There's also people who permanently fix these jacks (ebay user itsnothere), or you can try to fix it yourself (though I've never tried the hardware fix so am not vouching for it--the information given on that link may be outdated).

    The best fix for me, short of disassembling and doing a permanent hardware fix, has been the open source app headcold, which works on the Centro. Since I've installed it, I've only experienced one problem; before that, I was on my second Centro for this problem and experienced some headphone jack problem about every 5 or 10 uses, even though I was gentle, used WD-40, and the quick removal trick.

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