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    I finally did it. After many many patient years of dealing with Palm, I have left for the Iphone. It took a LONG time, and I gave the palm platform a lot of chances.

    In the end- the Iphone is just superior. I'm not a ****** of apple at all- but I am becoming one. I'm so tired of sluggish apps and crashes, and lack of features.

    I've been a palm guy since Visor's and had one of the first cell Phone springboard modules. I waited and waited for GPS and saw them finally put it on models less powerful than mine. Great job guys, sigh.

    I am now completely satisfied and happy with the Iphone platform. I don't care if I had to switch to At&t after 15 years- it is all worth it. Sorry to go but I'm sick of lagging, crashy apps, withdrawn support (thanks googlemaps), and generally just a blah platform.

    I always hated when ******* came in and posted goodbye threads, but now I'm that guy.

    If you are thinking about switching, do it now. Sorry- there is no comparison.

    The Pixi was nice, as I played with it for a week but the lack of apps is disheartening. The Iphone just blows doors on any platform. Some of the droid phones look nice, but even then the slick Apple UI beats it there.

    See you all on the other side...
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    Good for you zorro869! I get the feeling that I will be joining you soon.
    I've been a loyal palm user for 5 years. My 755p is still going strong but I'm getting the regular 'headphone jack' volume issue (755p doesn't know when headphones are pulled out). It's a real pain and I'm used to it...but as soon as AT&T comes to my area...we're gone.
    I love my 755p but there are a lot of iphone apps I'm waiting for (omnifocus for one...)
    thanks for the inspiration zorro! and've definitely given palm the chance. I'm surprised though you didn't try the pre...did you?
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    Well, I tried the Pixi and was going to go grab a Pre for a test drive, but all I needed was to do some research on little things like Pre's gimped SDK, and one look at the APP catalog, where I found REAL software that I WOULD use and BUY.

    A week with the new phone, and I'm not looking back. There is NO question whatsoever...

    For more inspiration look here:

    Palm: this is your survival guide -- Engadget
    Handspring Visor with Sprint Springboard - Treo 270 - Treo 300 - Treo 600 - Treo 650 - Treo 755p - Iphone 3gs
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    Verizon is supposedly in talks with Apple, with an announcement due this summer. Remember that they said "no" to Apple at the beginning, that's why Apple went to AT&T.

    My DH has a 2nd-gen iPhone, and he loves it; heck I gave it to him for his b-day! I like that it's longer than my 755p and I don't have to move the speaker up and the microphone down to have a conversation.

    Can you tell me how your conversion went? I mean converting your calendar, contact info, notes, etc etc from Palm to Apple?

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