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    This thing doesn't seem to be available anywhere, online or brick & mortar...
    I wanna touch one.
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    Yeah... C|Net just has it listed at and Mobile Planet (but Mobile Planet doesn't have it in stock, and Handspring, of course, is saying to expect delays.

    FWIW, look for ads in the Sunday paper (US, at least) for stores in your area. I'm hoping they have them for next week, and live demo units, not mockups!
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    I didn't think I would be saying this but...

    Why can't Handspring be like good ol' Palm, where you could buy the handheld two days in advance of the announce datee from a brick-and-mortar...!
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    Interesting development. This morning, all I could find as regards online stores = Handspring and MPlanet [MPlanet date = 6/12 or 14, I forget]. Now, several others have popped up, one with discounted pricing. Go to , and run a search on one word: treo . Scroll down the results, and click the Treo 90 latest prices link. You'll see the Treo 90 at ECost for $268 + $12 shipping/handling. Not in stock [anywhere] though; you have to call ECost at toll-free number to get release date. Coincidentally, I've ordered from them in the past; good, swift; no complaints [but some folks encountered hassles, per reviews at other sites.] PC Nation is also listed, and a few others.

    The real weirdness? MPlanet is listed as _unauthorized_ reseller; Ecost, as _authorized_. Go figure!

    Another note: looks like will have a slipper case. Very reasonable pricing, and stellar customer service-- answered my email Q within minutes-- TWICE-- when I inquired about a case for my Blackberry. Order arrived two days later. They now have 4 leather-color combos for the 180, ie, navy/tan. To my knowledge, the only ones offering something other than the routine black. Clip available as option. Easily removable as desired.

    Over and out. Gonna surf for more info. Have a good one, folks!


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